Custom Software Development

Custom software significantly improves your business by streamlining operations, automating repetitive processes and providing improved access for your customers.

Database design and optimisation

Good information is critical to modern business. designs databases to meet your specific requirements. We do database optimisation to maximise speed and efficiency with which data is retrieved.

Web applications

Web-based software is delivered quickly to customers and is easy to maintain. Todays web based software provides a great user experience matching traditional desktop software.

Web based software is accessible from any web device and available everywhere.

Progressive mobile web applications

Delivering mobile apps over the web gives the same advantages of web based software with minimal loss of functionality when compared to native apps.

Agile software development

In simple terms agile means expressing project requirements as small manageable chunks and having developers working very closely with the customer.

Agile reduces project risks and costs, improves delivery times and creates an accurate result that meets your requirements.

Software integration

Modern software development usually means integrating to other systems. Integrating to existing systems saves time and money compared with building everything from scratch.

Software applications we build

Customer relationship management systems
(CRM) Highly integrated customer databases
Workflow management systems
Follows a job through its full life cycle
Content management systems (CMS)
Out-of-the-box or highly-customised
Multisite CMS
Edits multiple websites from a single application
Listings websites
Includes auctions, freestuff, jobs, babysitters
Product management systems
Inventory, pricing, components, product dictionary
Customer portals
Direct, easy access, for your customers
Timesheet recording and aggregating systems
Matches time to projects and customers
Invoicing and billing systems
Custom invoices sent to your accounting software
eCommerce and shopping cart systems
Full custom or extend your out of the box system
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Cloud APIs we connect to

Accounting packages
Xero, MYOB, Exonet
Payment gateways
DPS Payment Express, Paystation, Worldpay, Sage Pay and BNZ
Location and mapping
GeoIP, Google Maps, Geosmart
Inventory management software
Unleashed, Stone Edge
SMS gateways
Two degrees, Spark, Vodafone
Email management
SMX, Mandrill, Mailchimp
Exchange rate,

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