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PHP is a popular programming language especially suited to web development. With PHP's wide acceptance internationally, it is easy to find resources and support for your websites and applications.

Why specialise in PHP?

Programmers can get into philosophical debates about the merits of one software development platform over another. We have not chosen PHP for philosophical reasons. We know there are other powerful, well supported programming languages and platforms available.

Often software companies in New Zealand will build applications in a range of programming languages and software development platforms. A broader range of programming languages makes it possible to take on business from more customers, which is great from the software companies point of view. It is not so good from the customers point of view, as the developers will have less specialised skill.

We decided from day one to specialise in PHP, not because it is the only choice, but by making a choice to specialise we can offer customers the most expertise in a narrow field rather than being jacks of all trades. By specialising we deliver code faster, with less bugs, than companies that offer a broad range of programming languages.

Benefits of PHP

Long History

First developed in 1995, PHP has grown and evolved to play an integral role in website development.

Wide Acceptance

Depending on whose stats you look at, up to 80% of the worlds websites run on PHP. PHP is used by small players as well as massive web projects such as Facebook and Wikipedia.

Web Specific

PHP is designed from the ground for creating dynamic websites and web applications. PHP plugs directly into popular web servers providing a fast and stable platform.

Constantly Evolving

PHP is constantly being developed and improved by a large international team. The language is becoming faster, more structured and with more tools rolled into the core rather than relying on plugins.


Fast to develop. Fast to deploy. Fast to run.

Open Source

There is no license cost or license management with using PHP.

Well Supported

Large community of useful developer forums to lean on when you need answers to curly questions.

No Lock In

With the large open developer community, customers are not locked to a single developer. It is relatively easy to move a project from one software development company to another.


PHP is a self referencing acronym:
PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor
php elephant

Zend PHP Certification PHP Programmers are Zend certified.

Unfortunately, the software development industry has a lack of formal qualifications and certifications which customers can rely on when choosing a software development company.

Zend, the company at the centre of PHP's development, offer an exam and certification for PHP developers. All of our developers are Zend certified which provides a level of reassurance to our customers.

zend certified php developers

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