Quick and Easy Process

Our agile website development process makes building web applications quick and easy, while keeping costs and risk to a minimum.

First, we break your requirements down into small, easily managed components. Building your application component by component allows you to see real progress quickly, keeps costs under control, and reduces risk.

Second, we work closely with you to ensure our work matches your requirments as closely as possible

Our process also makes it easy to extend your web application as your business grows.

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Our Track Record

We get enquiries from customers such as "some guy built my website and now I cannot get hold of him because he is surfing in Brazil"!

Not us, we have built web applications for 15 years and we are not going away any time soon.

Some of our customers have been with us from the beginning, starting with simple websites and building into substantial, mission critical web applications.

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Zend Certified PHP Developers

maffey.com is a PHP development house. We employ Zend Certified PHP developers

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Why get us to build your web application?

97.9% of our business comes from existing satisfied customers!
(So we must be doing something right!) Need more reasons?

Recent Work

Kiwi Sheepskins sells beautiful sheepskin products such as sheepskin boots and rugs.

The eCommerce website is highly customised with integrations to mailchimp for Bulk mail, Stone Edge Order management, GeoIP for location awareness, and DPS PXFusion for Credit Card authorisation.

Working closesly with the customer, significant effort has been made to ensure the user experience is a fast and slick as possible, on any type of web device.

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What Our Customers Say

Maffey.com worked with us to create a database driven website. We were under significant time and budget constraints, but maffey.com delivered on time and on budget. What's more they have been able to create a database that is easy for us to manage. We have had numerous changes which Maffey.com have accommodated rapidly and efficiently. As a result we have a website that we can change and grow. We have happy clients and a growing business. Maffey.com has exceeded all our expectations. It is without hesitation that we recommend Maffey.com for database driven websites. There's only one company we would recommend anyone considering a database website solution and that's Maffey.com

Malcolm Scrymgeour
Zumo Retail

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