Web Development and PHP Programming

maffey.com is a website development and PHP programming business located in Albany. We have been doing website development in Auckland for 13 years and have no plans to stop any time soon!

Web Development

Web Development

From Tiny 1 page websites to massive web applications with 250,000 lines of code, our team have built a great portfolio of websites.
PHP Programming

PHP Programming

We specialise in PHP and have become extremely efficient at it. We think it is better for you the customer if we are really good at one language rather than mediocre at many languages.

Why use us?

90.2% of our business comes from existing satisfied customers!
(So we must be doing something right!) Need more reasons?

Incremental Website Development

Our agile website development approach makes website development easy:

Quickly start your website project, inexpensively and with low risk.

Easily extend, change and tweek your website on demand as your business grows.

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Recent Work

Kiwi Sheepskins sells beautiful sheepskin products such as sheepskin boots and rugs.

The eCommerce website is highly customised with integrations to mailchimp for Bulk mail, Stone Edge Order management, GeoIP location awareness, and DPS PXFusion for Credit Card authorisation.

Working closesly with the customer, significant effort has been made to ensure the user experience is a fast and slick as possible, on any type of web device.

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What Our Customers Say

With our desire to exploit the latest technologies to offer our customers the very best shopping experience whether it be on smartphone, tablet or desktop, the answer was to go for a totally new system developed from scratch. This freed us from any restrictions of bloated package solutions and allows peak performance. Maffey have achieved our goals with their skilled team of developers who have proved just about anything is possible. As you deal direct with the developer, the project isn't slowed down with meetings and endless paperwork, especially as numerous changes are inevitable. We would certainly recommend Maffey to anyone looking for an e-commerce site developed using the "Agile" approach where you're a part of the team, testing as things develop rather than waiting till it is finished and perhaps too late.

Peter Lees

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