Agile Development

We think of agile development as 2 simple concepts

1. Seperate the project into components

Smaller components are easier for all parties to understand. Building a web application one component at a time lets the customer see real usable progress quickly and regularly.

As a web application progresses, it will become obvious some components will need to change, others added and removed. Building the application in components allows this flexibility, and saves money because we won't build the unnecessary bits

Risk is far easier to manage when a web application is broken into components. Development can stop at any point and you will still have a usable application.

Costs are better controlled as they can be spread out over the development time of the whole application. You are not paying for components that have not been built yet.

2. Involving the customer

One of our team members works closely with you during the whole project.

This is the best way to ensure the web application meets your requirements. No amount of technical analysis can replace having the actual customer involved in the construction of the web application.

Quality is improved by the simple fact that nobody has more passion for your business than you do. Direct customer involvement allows you to ensure the application is at the standard you want for your business at every step.

Direct customer involvement in the design and testing stages of the development reduces costs. Instead of paying us, you are doing some of the work yourself.