PHP Zend Certified

PHP Programming

We are PHP Programmers!

All of our websites and web applications are coded using PHP.

What is PHP?

PHP is a popular general-purpose scripting language that is especially suited to web development. With PHP's huge acceptance worldwide, it is easy to find resources and other support for your website project.

Why do we specialise in PHP?

PHP is a reliable, pragmatic and fast programming language designed specifically for the internet. While other languages are suited for website development, we have choosen to specialise in PHP. By specialising in a single programming language, we have become extremely efficient at it. We think it is better for you, the customer, if we are really good at one language rather than mediocre at many languages.

PHP is an open source programming language.

Open source means PHP is constantly being developed and improved by a very large international team. Open source also means less restrictions on software licenses, making it easy for you to move your website or upgrade the underlying software.

With years of PHP experience, we can quickly and efficiently develop your web application. PHP Programmers are ZEND certified. ZEND is the main company behind PHP and is the recognised name in PHP certification.