Web Applications Auckland

We have built web applications in Auckland for the last 15 years.

We are a boutique web development company, specialising in PHP programming. Our skilled team are passionate about building great web applications for intersting and varied customers.


We believe everyone can benefit from great web technologies. So we have built websites to cater for all sizes of company, from single page websites for one man contracting companys to massive web applications for managing million dollar online businesses. See our portfolio

We believe each and every customer has unique requirements. So we build custom websites, rather than provide a template to suit the masses.

We believe in getting the best result for the customer even if it means passing business on. So if we feel you would get a better result with another company, we will tell you rather than push you into a website that is not right for you.

A little history

My IT career started in 1994. I was lucky enough to work for corporates here in New Zealand, and overseas in Hong Kong, South Korea, Portugal, London and Califorina.

After returning to New Zealand, I felt corporate life did not suit me. In particular I felt corporates often make web projects difficult and expensive. So I started maffey.com in 2002. I believed it was possible to build web applications that do exacly what the customer needs, quickly and at a reasonable cost.


Since 2002, our company has enjoyed steady organic growth. Our company is financially stable, having never been in debt.

We have helped many customers build their online business, some of which have turned into million dollar online business.

We are here for the long haul. That is why 97.9% of our revenue is repeat business from our portfolio of long term customers.